About Us

Where did we come from?, When did we launch?, Who are we?,

We started distributing essentials to the homeless in October 2013 around 3 times per year from items that had been collected over the previous months, We had no outreach name, no group of volunteers and no vision of becoming a charity or group of aid workers.

Then in 2014...

The Name 'The Red Bag Co' was formed shortly after Christmas 2014 when we distributed 36 Rucksacks to the homeless people on the street's of Birmingham over the winter period. Following the snow and poor weather conditions we decided to go out again in January with Birmingham Homeless Outreach to distribute another 20 remaining rucksacks. As we were coming to the end of our walk we saw a man who looked extremely cold, sitting outside new street station, he didn't have a blanket nor did he have any food. He just had a hat hoping for donations from the public. As we approached the man with a Red Bag he looked so pleased to see us, like words could not explain. He said; 'God Bless You, I remember my Red Bag from Christmas it had everything I needed' and that's when 'The Red Bag Co.' was formed and where the name came from. We then realised the impact distributing essentials to the homeless people on the street's had.